Teams who train with Digemy have a 500% higher learning retention.

Adaptive learning, automated communication, seamless integration, and more.
Supporting 400 000+ learners across 40+ countries

Optimise long-term learning retention and application

Our engine identifies each learner’s unique growth areas and tailors their repetition of content and questions over time. Learners are empowered to master the training material and apply what they’ve learnt, creating a learning journey that’s unique like you.

content authoring

Frontline learning
on autopilot

Spend less time creating content and automate your emails.
Create and publish content quickly
Remove the tedious task of manual communication and automate reminder emails and progress reports tailored to each learner.
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Connect your tools, connect your teams

We can embed our engine into any frontline app you currently have and create a seamless login process

learning ROI

workforce performance

learning engagement

Create a culture
of learning

benchmarking and assessments

Measurable data from start to finish

Digemy is built for managers and frontline teams who care about data-driven performance and increased revenue.
Benchmarking: Identify knowledge gaps to successfully measure the change in short term and long term learning retention.
Assessments: Assess each learner in multiple assessment formats over time to ensure you can monitor knowledge growth and performance over time.
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