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Digital e-learning education

Work attention deficit to your advantage

7x retention with byte-sized content delivery

The information age has changed the way we learn. We're conditioned to consume information in smaller increments. With reinforced microlearning to supplement traditional teaching, you can use this to your advantage. Integrate learning into daily workflows and life for optimal retention and application with byte-sized daily learning plans accessible from any smart device.

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TAILOREd reinforcement

Personalise learning experiences to close knowledge gaps

What you focus on expands. Focus your learners’ attention where it’s needed most.

Not only do we digitise content that is 20x more memorable using proven methodology from the world's leading memory masters, but our platform automatically identifies concepts your learners are struggling to retain and creates personalised learning plans to reinforce and test retention over time. This means learner attention is directed towards knowledge gaps, ensuring that they focus on concepts they are yet to master.

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Student engaged in reinforced microlearning

Increase learner engagement by 40x

Leverage game mechanics and behavioural science for more engaged students - in as little as 2 minutes per day.

We make learning fun and rewarding through gamification. Badges, points and leader boards not only increase learning engagement by 40x, but reinforce a habit of daily learning. Coupling tailored reinforcement with gamification makes mastery of challenging concepts rewarding and ensures that they are repeated until they are retained.

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7x knowledge retention with spaced repetition

We forget 40% of new concepts 1 day after training.

With automated spaced repitition, you finally have a scalable way to repeat content and overcome the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve, ensuring your learners retain new concepts long after training and testing is complete.

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reinforced micro learning for education

Measure and manage training retention

Move beyond completion metrics and passery.

Intuitive dashboards give facilitators and educators oversight and insight into completion as well as long-term retention and application - across departments and courses. Our feedback feature means that learner feedback can be consolidated and turned into actionable insights that inform content development and delivery for improved learner experiences.

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Increase in knowledge retention


Increase in learning engagement


Decrease in time spent learning


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MOBILE microlearning enablement

How we transform higher education

Mobile-first microlearning technology for enhanced retention and engagement


Create or convert content

Our experts assist with authoring or transforming course curricula into engaging, memorable byte-sized learning paths.


Educate and empower

Put a personal trainer in the pockets of your learners with mobile-first tailored content delivery and reinforcement that fits in with life and workflows.


Measure and manage

Turn insights into action with real time reports that consolidate user feedback and training engagement.

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