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Financial literacy skills and development

Empower consumers and stand out in a crowded market

Put a financial advisor in the pockets of existing and prospective customers.

Break down the barriers to learning by providing consumers with a platform that scales on any web-enabled device, allowing learners to learn from anytime, anywhere, on multiple devices, at their own pace. Content is delivered in byte-size data-light pieces for easy access and maximum retention.

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TAILOREd reinforcement

Changing consumer behaviour at the source

Knowledge is power. Empower your customers to make better financial decisions.

Our award-winning microlearning engine measures the knowledge of each learner, creating personalised, accelerated learning paths based on current competencies. This tailored reinforcement model ensures that learners get more of what they need and none of what they already know - maximising value and driving engagement across a broad and varied customer base.

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Gamified microlearning makes skills development fun

Making financial literacy fun with gamification

Mastering money can be daunting. We make it rewarding.

We make learning fun and rewarding through gamification. Badges, points and leaderboards not only increase learner engagement by 40x, but give learners a tangible record of progress and goals to progress towards. By linking rewards to learning progress for eligible users, you can drive adoption, retention and expansion.

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Know your customer to enhance service and solution stack

Identify and solve consumer pain points 10x faster with actionable insights.

Intuitive dashboards give oversight and insight into completion as well as long term retention and application - helping you segment and understand target markets with greater accuracy. Leverage these insights to empower consumers with products that serve their needs, and solutions that move them forward on their financial journeys.

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A black man in green shirt wearing headphones
Emerging market retail banking customer gaining financial literacy skills

Digitally transform your customers

Help customers transition to a digital-first financial future.

Consumers in emerging markets are constrained from accessing the convenience and cost saving that comes from digital banking and value added services by data and digital poverty. Help transform your customers through digital enablement with a learning platform geared to take them on a journey from digital novice to native!

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Cipla Pharmaceuticals

Very informative, it keeps you interested and wanting to learn more, especially with the point system...

Mobile microlearning enablement

How we transform finLit training

Mobile-first microlearning technology for consumer enablement and transformation


Create or convert content

Our experts assist with authoring or transforming training material into engaging, memorable byte-sized learning paths.


Educate and empower

Put a personal trainer in the pockets of your people with mobile-first tailored content delivery and gamified reinforcement.


Measure and manage

Turn insights into action with real time reports that consolidate learner feedback and engagement.

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