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Empowering organisations, one learner at a time

Our award-winning, mobile-first training solution has been proven to change performance and behaviour through data-driven learning journeys that adapt to every single learner. With this fully-tailored approach, we enable frontline teams to maximise knowledge retention in a fraction of the time, freeing up their days to focus on what really matters.
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What makes Digemy unique

Is it our awesome team? Is it our great sense of humour? Sure. But it’s also the fact that we have combined all the best features of various different learning platforms to create a single platform that beats our competitors in both engagement and retention.
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What can a 1% sales increase do to your bottom line?

Let’s 10x that.

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our 4 pillars of learning

We measure what matters

The first point of effective performance is training that sticks. Other learning solutions have no way of identifying if real learning is actually happening. That’s why we created the 4 pillars of Digemy learning, ensuring we can provide our clients with data-driven feedback and real-world results.


What is retained after training has taken place, and what is the probability that it is applied.


What does the employee think they know about the topic, and what risks does the difference between perception and reality pose to the organisation.


Do employees comprehend the training, and how can this data be used to continuously optimise training programmes.


Is the employee serious about learning, or are they just clicking through to tick the boxes and get the training done.
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