Transform training for retention, results and return.

Harness the power of reinforced microlearning and neuroscience to maximise training impact and optimise learning operations at scale.

reinforced microlearning transforms skills development and training

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Improve time to performance by 80%

Put a personal trainer in the pockets of your people.

Integrate training into daily workflows with byte-size daily learning plans accessible from any smart device.

Accelerate skills deveopment and application with just-in-time access to SOPs, playbooks, sales-, systems- and product training, saving you millions in lost sales and performance costs.

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mobile first microlearning for higher learner engagement and performance
tailored reinforcement

Increase training retention by 7x

Because you can’t apply what you can’t remember.

Combine the power of neuroscience with a platform that identifies concepts individual learners are struggling to retain and automatically creates personalised learning journeys to reinforce concepts and close knowledge gaps.

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Create a culture of daily learning.

Imagine what 2 minutes of daily learning could do for your business.

Make learning fun and rewarding through gamification. Badges, points and leaderboards not only increase learning engagement by 40x, but create a culture of daily learning and continual improvement.

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frontline enablement skills development

Identify and solve operational pain points 10x faster.

Convert invaluable insights into action.

Close the feedback loop between your frontline and L&D at scale. By using our feedback feature, managers and supervisors provide insights in real time to optimise learning operations quickly and efficiently.

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Measure and manage training retention and application.

Move beyond completion metrics.

Intuitive dashboards give managers oversight and insight into completion as well as long term retention and application - across departments and teams - and map key learning outcomes to key performance indicators.

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meansure training retention and application with intuitive dashboards

Proven Training Impact:


Increase in knowledge retention


Increase in learning engagement


Decrease in time spent learning


Increase in return on investment

Platform features

Main features

Built to solve your training challenges.


The shorter the learning intervention, the higher the retention. We deliver content in byte-sized data-light pieces, accessible on any device, ensuring we’re increasing access to training that fits in to the flow of work and life.

Tailored reinforcement

Algorithms tailor repetition of content and questions to the retention level of each learner. This means customised learning experiences delivered automatically and at scale, closing knowledge gaps in real-time.


Badges, trophies and leaderboards make learning fun, exciting and rewarding. Not only does this maximise learning (and employee) engagement, but fosters a culture of daily learning.

Rapid authoring

Our built-in content creation tool enables you or our team to create, deliver and update content in real-time. Now you can identify operational pain points, and create and launch training within a day, not months, helping you develop top performing teams in a fraction of the time.

Assessments & benchmarking

Time is your most valuable resource. Spend it on training when and where it matters most. Assessments and benchmarking tools measure skills gaps so that learning paths can be customised for impact and individualised intervention.

Advanced analytics

Intuitive reporting dashboards turn data into actionable insights and track Return on Training Investment. Measure knowledge retention and growth, engagement and completion rates, and learning plan progress for individuals, and across departments, regions and teams.


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Tikki Hywood Foundation

I believe it is an innovative and engaging concept. Their support team has been very proficient and...

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Value added services

More than a platform


Content creation.

Content design, creation and curation at speed

Do you need help turning lengthy Standard Operating Procedures into training content that is engaging and memorable? Our dedicated team of content creation experts will help you create or convert content that enables, empowers and excites your people. Talk to us about our comprehensive content library of soft skills courses to supplement your sales-, systems- and product training to take your customer-facing teams to the next level!

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Training strategy design.

Strategic advisory services.

We are more than a platform. We are learning operations experts. Leverage our expertise to identify learner profiles, desired outcomes and learning paths that align with strategic objectives.

We are laser-focused on results and will help you design a learning strategy and closed-loop feedback system that addresses operational pain points, enables continuous improvement, and increases your ROI.

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Learning operations enablement

How we transform training:

Combining reinforced microlearning technology with neuroscience for performance and operational optimisation.


Create or convert content

Our experts assist with authoring or transforming training material into engaging, memorable bite-sized learning paths.


Educate and empower

Put a personal trainer in the pockets of your employees with mobile-first tailored content delivery and reinforcement that fits in with workflows.


Measure and manage

Turn insights into action with real time reports that consolidate supervisor feedback and training engagement.

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